Regretful Purchase

I really wish I had done more research prior to buying the cohesion3d board, camera and software. I have had nothing but issues with this board. I found it quite attractive being a direct replacement for a nano m2 board. Frankly thats all it is, anything after that is headache after headache.

I got maybe three days tops before running into disconnects. I then spent three days reading about other users with the same problem and then troubleshooting for days losing jobs and throwing more wood out than anything.

I re-formatted my computer
changed my usb settings
tried 4 different shielded usb cables
drilled a hole in my laser cabinet, stripped the powdercoating and installed a ground bolt
installed the cohesion3d board on a 3d printed tray and secured it with nylon washers and screws
changed the power bar
changed the config file
tuned the pwm (which I was never really satisfied with)

After all that, I get two solid days cutting test pieces. The FIRST actual job after that, I cant 60 seconds into an engrave without disconnecting.

I swap out the board with the M2 nano and i’m running full jobs without issue, same computer, same usb cable.

I really wish K40 Whisperer could automate the job process. I’ll do without lightburn for the sake of frustration. This was a $400 mistake.