Red LED and LB trace outline

I’m new to the world of CO2s.

I purchase an Omtech K40 from eBay, knowing that I also needed the C3D board. It’s now in, but I did not power the unit up yet. (I have also ordered a

My question is, will the laser light show when I press trace in LB? It did my dioid laser. I removed the Red-dot LED and cut the wires. I needed the space for my air assist.

I hope this makes sense.


the LightBurn fire-on-trace option is only for diode lasers because diode lasers are visible light lasers.
What that means is they can be set to a very low power and turned on and used for tracing the beam because the laser light IS THE BEAM. CO2 lasers are not visible light lasers and emit in the IR range and that is why you’ll see red dot lasers, red line lasers and even combiner lenses added to K40 machines.

you need to read through these 2 K40 FAQs so you don’t end up with posting with your remaining eye(joke) and know all of the amazing and wonderful things your new laser can do and could do with proper consideration. The K40 is NOT an out-of-the-box type of machine and lots of people disregard this and end up upset, with fires and/or selling them. And I’m not kidding with regards to reading all the way through them as there are things there you don’t need now but you need to know about for when you do need that understanding and knowledge.

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