RECI Power supply failure

I have RECI 150-180 watt CO2 laser and a RECI power supply.

My set up has been working fine for well over a year and the other day I was cutting for about 10 minutes and the laser stopped firing.

I found that the ceramic high-voltage connector for the wire going to the laser tube was burnt inside causing an open circuit.

I corrected this open circuit problem and to my surprise the laser would still NOT fire.

I ended up replacing the power supply to get everything working proper again.

I assume the open circuit situation killed my power supply. Does that sound reasonable?

In the future is there anything I can do to prevent this open circuit failure. What about eliminating the connector and spicing the wires?

Also any ideas on how I can go about getting the RECI power supply repaired?


Hi Chuck,

Check out the resources over at the Maker Forums. They have a wealth of information covering power supply issues and a great community of people who can help with specific questions.

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