Really old K40 conversion?

Hello support/forum,
I have a really old K40 (parallel port) laser cutter that I’d like to convert but I’m not sure if it’s compatible enough to worry about? I see this question has been raised previously, but there’s not much info in that thread and the photos of that controller are no longer available to compare. As a new user I’m apparently not allowed to upload photos but I can upload a photo of the existing controller somewhere else and provide a link if necessary.


(post edit) existing controller link here

Hi Troy,

Welcome to the forum! I have upgraded your access to allow you to post additional photos, as needed.

With some mild rewiring, it seems your machine is compatible. I will walk through the connections from left to right in your photo.

The power plug (with 4 blue wires) is a 6 pin variant, which we cover in this article:

The ribbon cable (X axis motor) should be plug and play, as it appears to be the same as what is covered in our installation instructions:

The 4 pin plug (on the far right) is for the Y axis motor and should also be plug and play, directly into the four pin header for the Y port. This is also covered in the installation guide.

Keep in mind that tubes degas over time, and an LPSU from that long ago might not be capable of PWM power control to a high (or any) level of detail.

As long as you keep these expectations in mind so that you are not disappointed, and have a tinkering and problem solving mindset to work through the upgrade, learning curve, and any challenges that come up.

Thanks very much for the response and pointers. I’ll try and fire it up over the weekend and see if it still cuts. It has indeed been sitting in storage for years so, that’s certainly an issue I never considered. Providing it still cuts, I’m looking forward to purchasing your controller.

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