Really need help with endstop settings and laser not working

Chinese 60w laser


Firmware: _Smoothie “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: I’ve been trying to set this up for 2 days now and I’m just banging my head of the wall with it.
Im new to lasers although I’ve been using cnc routers for a while.
First off the endstops.
When I first set the board up and followed the instructions as closely as possible. (All instructions are for K40 so its not exactly the same)
The machine was trying to put the laser head through the gantry. I had to pull the plug to get it to stop. I went in and changed some of the settings on the card. Did the M119 thing and the X endstop wouldn’t work. I tinkered about with it and eventually it worked. No idea how but it did. It would home and go to origin no problem.
I then tried to get it to run a simple cut and the laser wouldn’t fire. So i came back to the forums and went through what I could find trying various wiring setups with regards to the black and white cables as shown in the pictures.
I turned it all off, had a little break as it was driving me nuts. When I went back to it, powered it up the machine is back to trying to put the head through the gantry, it homes in the middle of the work area and the laser still won’t work. Ive tried the test with the control panel and with lightburn.
Please help.

Mine would home just fine. But when it homes, X=0, and Y=200

I’m so confused! When I get it to trace, it tries to go 200mm backwards and slams.

Please post a couple more pictures that shows both ends of the wiring, detail on the endstops themselves, and try and trace everything out that can’t be easily photographed.

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