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Im ready to purchase a rotary for my machine, but the site says to inquire here about compatibility ETC first. I have a 60w Preenex branded Chinese import, it has a RDC-6442-GB (EC) Ruida controller (Ive had it just 6 months so its relatively new). Only modifications that would affect the rotary is the Air Assist add-on from Matthew Ross. What is the next step to ordering and paying for this. Im looking at the main rotary and all of the attachments, the whole lot. Please advise so I can pay, get on the list and get this moving forward!!


Seems my stepper motors are NEMA 23 (DM545A). How much more difficulty does this add to my purchase?
Edit: I see what I need is available for purchase here so that makes me feel more confident. THNX

Hi Steven,

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For many DSP controllers, there are some things to consider. You will have to unplug the Y motor to plug the rotary motor in. In this instance, you would also need to change the current between the stock value (ex: 3.5 amps) and 1 amp for the rotary each time you are switching between normal Y and the rotary.

It is best to install a separate external stepper driver and then you just have to swap a connector plug each time you want to switch between the normal Y motor and the rotary. The external stepper driver should be set to approximately 1 amp and the rotary stepper motor should be cool to the touch.

We recommend reviewing the Rotary Setup doc for general information on setting up and dialing in your settings.

Additional information regarding features and add-ons, as well as DSP external stepper drivers and Ruida controllers is covered in our Rotary Attachment announcement.

If you still have questions about compatibility, please provide pictures of your Ruida controller, stepper motor drivers, wiring, and electronics.

Please contact us and we will send you more information on ordering.

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Everything you have just said seems to be quite clear about what you have stated. The contact us link you have provided requires an order number which I do not possess…yet. Going to attach a few pics here.

Hi Steven,

Thank you for the photos.

You will have to wire in a separate external stepper driver that uses the same STEP and DIR signals as the Y driver, and then switch between them. The “DSP External Stepper Driver with 3 Pin Terminal” kit on the Rotary product page contains an external stepper driver and an additional 3 pin terminal block that commonly connects on the DSP controller side.

When you submit the contact form, you can input “None” in the order number field.

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