R1dd1ck's K40 upgrades

Hey all! This is where I am going to show off and keep track off all the upgrades I have done to the K40 I have. I will keep this first post updated with a list of mods as things get improved. Thanks for looking. Any questions please ask! Thanks.


First modification to my K40 was to shorten the exhaust duct. I might have cut it to short or maybe I didn’t. Either way I got the clearance I needed.

So right of the bat I saw the need for air assist and a different bed. So I 3d printed a nozzle and order a air pump. This is a temporary bed that I am using tell I can build a motorized Z bed.


This next upgrade is what has brought us all together here. The choesion3d replacement board. First picture is what I ordered and the 2nd is it in the system and being tested.

So now with the new electronics and the addition of a screen. It was time for a new control panel as the digital one just sucks in my option. So I ordered an used K40 control panel that had the mA gauge and what not. So here is version 1 and 2 of my control panel that I am using on my current setup. After v2 I added some RGB leds. They help me to remember that I left stuff on. Then came v2.2 I guess. I changed the laser test button and installed an larger mA gauge. Still reads to 30 its just physically larger.

My next step after verifying my cohesion 3d install worked with the other stock electronics was to add in a dedicated 24volt power supply.


How many amp 24v supply did you get. Would 1.5 or 2a drive the steppers? Do you have the wiring changes documented to share?