Question on ReMix board (yea these have been sitting in my drawer for a while)

Machine: Nothing yet

Board: Remix

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Finally got around to assembling and setting up the ReMix boards I bought a few years (yes years been busy) ago. Right now the board power and I get the appropriate power LEDs on and the following status LEDs
L1 off
L2 on solid
L3 on solid
L4 on solid

I get that pattern with or without the SD card installed. Tried reloading the DFU-Bootloader and SD cards with the same results. By chance do I need something other than the default bootloader image for these boards?

Photo of board as it sits now:

Turns out I just had a bad SD card… Works fine on my PC but not in the remix. Tried a different brand of card and it’s all working now!


I dug up our chats from November 2016, kudos for successfully building your own board from the blank “coasters” you got.

:slight_smile: said it has been a while. Got both the mini and remix up and running. Hopefully I can get them in the machines before another 5 years passes.

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