Question on Connector Pack

I’m looking at purchasing the connector pack

It’s not clear to me what exactly is included in the pack. Specifically, I’m looking to get the connector that would provide (24V from laser(unused), Laser Gnd, 5V from Laser (unused), and Laser Fire(L). I’m not sure I really need the other connectors. It seems that the screw terminals on the LaserBoard don’t allow 16 gauge stranded wires to fit.

Would appreciate guidance.

— Eric

Hi Eric,

The connector pack includes 3 x 2 pin housing, 7 x 3 pin housing, and 3 x 4 pin housing, along with 43 crimp pins to use with all of those and have a few extras to spare.

The typical type is a 4 pin JST VH connector with the latch. If you want to rewire, this is the type that should be used so the connection stays secure. The 24V and 5V wires are not used and do not need to be connected to the LaserBoard.

It is a very tight fit, but I tested some 16 AWG on mine and was able to connect it to the power screw terminals by stripping and twisting the end of the wire very securely, then inserting into the terminal and screwing it down.

If you have questions about your installation, we are happy to help. Please provide clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring with the LaserBoard connected.

Hi Starla,

I’m still searching for the “4 pin JST VH connector with the latch”. That google search brings up tons of possibilities many of which aren’t appropriate for the task at hand.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Also, I guess I’m not so skilled as you in getting the 16 awg wires to the power screws.

Granted, my board is also mounted in a place making fine placement difficult. (See below). Still working on some cleanup as you can see.

Thanks so much for your answers!

— Eric

Hi Eric,

To be fair, I was testing it out flat on my workstation, using brand new wire and it was not easy to get it to fit, but it is possible. :slight_smile:

I unscrewed the terminal set screw as far as it would go, stripped about 5.25mm of the insulation off of the wire, twisted the end tight, and snugged it in. I feel your pain and can see how it would be difficult, especially inside of the electronics compartment. Positioning could definitely be a factor.

This is what my connector and the crimp pins look like. Hopefully, this helps:

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