PWM not working today - Earth/RFI/config?

Machine: Cohesion3d Laser board with Atomstack A5 Pro & M100 upgrade

Board: LaserBoard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Hi, I’ve decided to use my Cohesion3D on my Atomstack A5 - I like the idea of simultaneously having a rotary as well as a z axis and limit switches min and max plus Air assist control - not ALL offered with Atomstack controller. Having bought the M100, 20W laser, the weight on one of the axis is too much for the motor driver, so I’m upgrading it to a tb6600.

All simple enough, I have most things working (albeit independently) except I have an issue with the PWM for the laser. For the purposes of eliminating other possible causes of error, I’m working on just firing the laser with no motors, drivers connected.

I’ve used 5V, 5kHz PWM from my signal generator AND the C3D which, after lengthy research I found available on the two pin header at the bottom left of the board, which is described as alternative PWM on your pinout diagram. I successfully used the Test Fire function in the Smoothieware firmware but between last night and today, I can’t get any output, even on my scope alone. The laser fire LED is not lighting up but the TTL screw terminals do seem to emit a signal but it seems to be ‘hit and miss’.

I have a feeling I’ve missed something more subtle than settings alone. I’m no expert in electronics and so I’m hoping that failing a settings error, you might see what else I might have missed.

I see the board has a secondary DC input (top left). I gather this is a second (isolated) power source. I’m only needing to give a control signal to the laser (it has it’s own power input), but should I be powering the second source anyway?

Could it be an RFI/EMI issue? Should I be providing an earth source to the C3D and if so where/how? Obviously, while I’m configuring the setup, the board is not in a metal enclosure - should it be?

I had trouble with finding information on choosing an output from the C3D but ‘scoping’ around on the board found the di

Any help would be very much appreciated; I just want to get burning stuff!

Hi I wouldf also like to know if I should be supplying a ground to the C3D board, What is hapening to me is that when the laptop is operating on battery only everything works perfectly but if I plug in the charger sometimes the C3d disconnects and will only reconect when the laptop charger is disconnected.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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