PWM is not accurate when testing with PWM Tuning instructions

Machine: K40

Board: C3D Laserboard

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question: PWM is not accurate using Lightburn or the PWM tuning instructions listed on this site.

I have the Digital display with the buttons to adjust the power settings.
I followed the PWM tuning page and ran the commands listed.

When I set my laser power to 10ma (32 on the digital display) as the max using the digital panel and test button and then I run the 10% PWM tuning GCode the Amp meter goes to 5ma which would indicate 50% not 10%.

If I set the digital panel to 10 and run the exact same command it still goes to 5ma.

I originaly set my max power to 15ma and 62 on the meter using the test button and if I send the command to burn at 10% it goes to about 7ma which is way past 10% and actually like 50%.

Doesn’t appear that PWM is working correctly. What am I doing wrong.

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