PWM Control

How does the C3D laser Board control laser power output without a connection to the (in) terminal (PWM)
K40 Laser

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The laser PSU can be controlled 2 different ways. The IN terminal can be pulsed with a PWM signal, or IN can be set to a voltage that caps the current output (Somewhere between 0 and 5 Volts) and the PWM signal can pulse the L (On) terminal of the PSU. The C3D laserboard uses the second option as it allows you to set the max current level at a safe mA rating, then use LightBurn to control the PWM signal between 0 and 100%.

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Thank You for clearing that up!!

Hello Anthony,
I’m a new C3D user and was interested in this answer also.
I have an older K40 on which I have installed a volt meter and a 10 turn pot that gives me very precise control of IN.

I am barely breaking the surface of LightBurn and it’s capabilities, but it is good to know, and I have confirmed that the power setting in LightBurn is a percentage of the power I have limited with the reading on my volt meter.
For example, the minimum IN I can use for cutting cart stock is about 1v.
If I set IN for 1v and power in LightBurn to 100%, it cuts as I have come to expect.

Because of the crummy software and M2 board I have been using in the past, I am going to have to get use to the much finer control I have with C3D and LightBurn…

I will be setting the IN at a safe max, and using LightBurn to control the power going forward.

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