Proper EMO switch wiring/programming

Machine: Custom, External MS Drives
Board: C3D laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Has anyone wired in and setup/programmed an emergency stop switch to the C3D board that is using external drives, that functions as a proper EMO that shuts down/pauses both the laser output AND motion control(like an M01 option stop).

Yes I know I can wire in an EMO to the laser PSU along with safety switches to stop the laser but this is not a proper EMO setup and does not stop the board from outputting signals to the drives and thus stop drive motion.

TL/DR folks…Is the an option input on this board that can be programmed in the config file to allow say a ground signal to command the board to pause or shutdown both laser and motion?


estop is usually wired on the AC power input on these machines and acts as a hard-kill. The board itself doesn’t have a EMO input.

That’s what I gathered after looking through and editing the config file for the board to suit the machine. I did see a couple lines that referenced a “kill” but did not get into that part yet.

I will have to buy a DPDT NC contactor for the EMO then to wire it in that fashion(PSU’s are on separate fused poles off the main power buss)


The common definition of ‘emergency stop’ is different from what you want. An emergency doesn’t care so much about the job in progress, it’s concerned with bodily injury and property damage.
You’d have to modify the firmware to provide such a feature, since the motion is buffered in the controller.

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