Program start up

Machine: I have a K40 that came with an M2 nano board. Has the ribbon connector

Board: Installed the cohesion 3D with lightburn software.

Firmware: Smoothie board and I’m using whatever it came with". This is where I’m stuck! I purchased lightburn with the board.

Problem/ Question: I’m new to this so I need a little help. I replaced the M2 nano with the Cohesion3D board. Everything I’ve read says the program should open up when the USB is plugged in. I’ve tried it on a Windows 10 laptop and on a Mac with Catalina OS. No luck on either. Any help getting the program open would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Oscar. The photos show that you have installed your LaserBoard into your laser, so that’s good.

Now, just to clarify… the “Smoothie firmware” is what will be found on the SD card that is in your LaserBoard. It is separate from LightBurn, the software you run on your computer.

When you received your LaserBoard it came with our version of the Smoothie firmware already installed, so for that, you are all set.

Can you confirm you have installed LightBurn on your computer, and also set up a new device?

Here are the instructions for that:

And just in case you haven’t installed LightBurn yet, you should start here:

Thank you so much! It’s up and running nicely. Your quick response is greatly appreciated!

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