Problem setting y axis homing direction

Machine: converted k40

Board: cohesion3d mini

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: my y axis is trying to home in the lower left side instead of the upper left side if that makes sense. It’s hiking toward the “max” and I want it to home towards the min.

The x axis is doing what it’s supposed to. I tried setting the config file for “beta_homing_direction” to home_to_min like the x axis but when I do nothing happens and it doesn’t try to home either way.

Hi Champagne, welcome to the forum!

Just to confirm, are your limit switches in the left/back of the laser, and instead of the head going to the left/back when trying to home the head is going to the left/front?

If you try to jog the head in the Y direction does it move as expected, or does it move in the opposite direction of the arrow you are clicking?

Finally, if possible, could you post some photos of your board so we can see the wiring? That could be helpful in diagnosing your issues.

One more thing, this article explains the difference between home and origin. It might be helpful.

Everything is fine and working great and the machine works perfectly in lightburn. When I hit the home button the x axis moves directly like it should to the left and hits the end stop.

The y axis on the other hand just a speeds away to the bottom left where there is no endstop.

I showed a picture of my config file.
Shouldn’t the homing direction for alpha and beta be set to home_to_min?

When I set beta to that it doesn’t do anything

When I flip the direction of the y axis stepper motor it homes in the correct way but then in lightburn when I hit the up arrow to move the y axis it actually moves it down

I fixed it. For anyone else who might have the same problem, I deleted the two beta end stop setting that have the # in front of them. Then just changed the beta_homing_direction to home_to_min instead of max.

Why on earth the config file comes preloaded with that is beyond me. Makes people like me who don’t know a lot about this stuff struggle.

Any line with a # in front of it is commented out. What you did was meaningless, those 2 lines would not be read by the controller.

lol I promise you that is the only thing I did. I believe you, just saying I literally just deleted those two lines and changed max to min. Here is a picture of the changes. Before when I changed max to min it just wouldn’t do anything. That’s why I was frustrated because that should have worked.

I do t know, something wonky is going on because other people have had the same problem.

Champagne, if I compare the two images of your config file it appears as though you just deleted the # sign in front of the lines for beta_min_endstop and beta_max_endstop, is that right?

Those lines should not be commented out in the stock config file. (And yes, the # at the beginning of a line comments it out so it is not read by the controller. This is something software developers are familiar with but others are not, and it’s not explicitly explained in the file, though maybe it should be.)

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