Problem mirrored images

Machine: k40 custum build

Board: c3d mini

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: hi all, after a custom build from k40 i used external drives , and new motors.
It seems that a rectangle cuts good x and y direction, but ive tried to cut a name and it turns out mirrored…
Ive been messing with pins direction but no success.
Machine homes like k40 but y axis seems to be flipped.
Solutions? Thanks edgar

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Hi Edgar,

Please check that your origin is set properly in LightBurn and that the bed sizes match in Edit > Device Settings. Set the ‘Origin’ to the front left (lower) corner. For more information, see our Origin documentation.


If the change above does not resolve the issues, please let us know and we will take the next steps to get you on the right track.

Thanks for the reply, the problem is fixed now yesterday i found out that my origin was wrong.

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