Problem installing smoothie driver

Machine: K40 Laser and it came with the M2Nano chinese board

Board: cohesion 3d laser board. Early version as I don’t see an SD card on it, but it does have 2G of memory as it comes up as a usb flash drive when I connect it to my computer.

Firmware: no clue. Started with what it came with, but followed the vague instructions to copy down a new config.txt and firmware.bin file to the flash drive and power cycled the board. I assume that upgraded the firmware, but there is no firmware version in the filename and the instructions just said download and extract the file. Nothing about what to do with them. So not sure what I did to the board. It does still connect as a flash drive to my Windows 7 computer.

Problem/ Question: The Smoothie serial driver is not loading. When I purchased my replacement board, the new software was not available, and the suggestion was to use the free Laserweb4 software. I would like to get the K40 back online with this board and verify it is operational and then try the new software and purchase it if a trail run is good. I don’t want to spend $40 on software to have to go back to the M2Nano and K40Whisperer if I can’t the the board to function.

I have tried to update the firmware, but the “instructions” are anything but that. They give you a link to download the firmware and then I am told to extract and install the new firmware. No instructions on how to do that, so I just copied over the files of the same name on the memory card and power cycled the board. After that, Windows recognized it as “Smoothie Serial” but that was it. Nothing else seemed to work.

If I recall correctly, and based on your description, you have a Cohesion3D Mini board from something like 1.5 years ago. Are you just installing it in your machine now for the first time?

The simplest solution would be to get Windows 10. It should work without a driver.

For Windows 7 and 8, there is a driver, and sometimes a manual installation of that driver is required.

There’s a lot of details to verify - how the board is physically installed, whether you used the correct files for that board (again, you have a C3D Mini, not a LaserBoard), and so on.

Please provide pictures of your board, machine, and wiring, and some details about which exact files you used, and we’ll go from there.

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