Pre-laser buying Q's: GLCD&Menus, endstops, connectivity, pinouts

Hi all-

I am looking at buying a K40 machine and am considering swapping out the controller outight. I have a few questions about things I am reading in the docs.

  1. GLCD: I don’t see info on what the menus are or what the menu structures provide. Is there other documentation somewhere of what they provide? I don’t see anything in the config.txt in the SD Card stock files repo.

  2. GLCD: Can you use the GLCD to set relative work 0,0 coordinates via the X & Y travel and encoder?
    Imagine setting the (0,0) reative to an unused area of sheet stock material that you have already started cutting. Like a macro that executes a G92 at the point you jog to.

  3. Not knowing which M2 variant I will get, what is the deal with the 10 pin ribbon cable? Is it nescessary to re-use or can you rewire everything to use the JST connectors? Do I even worry about it at this point?

  4. Connectivity: Is there connectivity options to upload files to the unit? I have used ESP3D and Panucat’s WiFi backpack and RRF’s DWC on my FDM printers, and really like NOT having a PC in the work area.

  5. Air Assist, Camber Ventilation, Z-Leveling: I need some additional I/O on the board.
    I am interested in adding a large volume exhaust to the chamber in additon to the conventional nozzle air assist. I am instersted in adding the equivalent of auto bed leveling / Z-Probe.
    I can not find a pinout for AUX connections on the board. Is there a pinout somewhere? Can someone point me to it?

Thanks in advance


Hi Dennis,

Welcome to the forum!

For 1, 2, 4 - More information about the GLCD, coordinates settings, and running GCode files from the screen (currently the only supported file upload option) which allows you to run files without the computer: Graphic LCD Overview

For 3 - The ribbon cable has a direct connection to the LaserBoard, but you are welcome to rewire the stepper motor if you have the skills and understanding to do so. I recommend working with plug and play features as much as possible (i.e., if it’s not broken, don’t fix it). You can read more about endstops here: Endstops / Limit Switches

For 5 - Start here for the supported method for air and exhaust hook up: Air Assist & Exhaust Setup

Z-Tables run with Nema 17 motors are natively supported with the Z axis driver on the board. If you are using something heavier, then you may consider external stepper drivers. It is possible to mount a Z probe sensor and have LightBurn move the bed until it is triggered. However, these probes are prone to crashing the laser head and are generally not recommended. Most people end up disabling or removing them. Alternatively, you can install a mechanical limit switch. More info, which includes a link to Z axis controls in LightBurn: Setting Up a Z-Table and Installing Z Table Endstop / Limit Switches

Adding on link to simplified schematic: Laserboard pinout or simplified schematic


I spent a couple of hours looking for these docs, thank you. I was not able to find them without your assistance. How does one find them normally?

Pinout- I see that there is a header for ethernet. Is that for the LAN8720 module we have used on other LPC based boards? Is it supported?

Z-Levelling: I am imagining multi-axis leveling similar to the way that RRF does it. With 2 independant axis leveling, its most often applied to X axis, where Y was user leveled. With 3 independant axis, you can 3 point level the bed.

I was under the impression that the Laserboard was 5 steppers- perhaps an older version?

Hi Dennis,

You can find our documentation on the Knowledgebase. If it’s not visible or readily apparent in the KB categories, you can search for keywords to pull up references.

Yes, some people have used that module, but it is not supported. We’ve found direct USB to be the most reliable and stable method of getting good results with the fewest amount of problems.

If you choose to purchase this module / adapter and enable the functionality, you do so at your own discretion. We do not support this functionality.

I’m working on getting you more info on this piece, but currently three axis leveling is not supported with the standard LaserBoard setup.

You may be thinking of the old Remix board that had XYZABC axes, which is no longer made. The LaserBoard has 4 drivers for XYZA. For more information on the specs, scroll down to the bottom of the product page: Cohesion3D LaserBoard

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