Pre-installation question about wiring

A chinese 600x400 60W laser-cutter, with a M2 Nano installed

To be replaced with a Laserboard (which has arrived today), together with the LCD control panel and an amp meter.

“I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with” is my great answer!

Problem/ Question:
I looked at the installed board, and several wirings are not the same as in the examples in the M2 Nano upgrade guide. One difference is that the power connector only has 24v and gnd (so 2 wires in stead of 4), and there is the little cable running from the TL/gnd socket to the LPSU, which I do not know where this should go to on the Laserboard.
I’d like to know the answer to these questions before I put the new board in …

I guess the “old” control panel can be subsituted with the new LCD control panel?
Is there some “template” for this, which I might cut out in acrylic? The old control panel is mounted on a removable iron plate, so this would be easy to replace with another plate.

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!
It seems that new users cannot upload images, so here is a link to the image of the M2 Nano board that is installed now::

I found the next picture, in my search for a solution:

Am I right in concluding that to make the laser fire, that I should connect the cable now attached to the TL/gnd socket to the Laser Fire and Laser Ground terminal screws on the Laserboard Power Connector (the four pin header on the bottom half left?

My second question has already solved itself …

Hi Haiko,

Thank you for your patience and for providing the image of your controller.

Correct. The wires in the 2 pin cable (TL/LO and Gnd) located at the top right will need to be connected to the screw terminals on the C3D, which are the Laser Fire and Laser Gnd respectively. You can ignore the 24V and GND 4 pin connector since LaserBoard has its own power supply for the board.


This page covering the 6 Pin Laser Power Connector will show where to connect them at the bottom of the link.

Since your machine is larger, please also view our Cohesion3D LaserBoard Larger Laser Machine Installation Guide for more information to get your machine dialed in properly after the board is installed.

If you need additional guidance, I have upgraded your user level to allow you to post more photos. Please trace the wires back to the laser power supply and provide additional images of your machine and wiring.

Thx! I think I will be able to figure it out, with the excellent documentation and advise given.

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