Pre install question

(chris murphy) #1

I will be receiving my laser board later this week. I have read on a number of forms that we should cut the 24vdc power from the laser ps. Is this correct ?

(Chris Leitch) #2

This is not necessary on the LaserBoard. It was however required on the older Mini board.

(chris murphy) #3

Thank you for the reply I bought the laserboard .

(Eamonn) #4

The difference on the new laser board that the 24v supply from the K40 plug is disconnected in the board design so its a necessity to use the external power supply that comes with it.

Connecting the plug direct won’t do anything so will only work with the external supply connected.

The reason for the external supply is due to many of the original mini board customers wiring it incorrectly and damaging the boards.

One of the other reasons is that the K40 power supply is quite crude and on its limits with a stock board, so putting more demand on it can cause interference and other problems that could damage the Laserboard.

So a simple jack plug is to protect the board and ensure the customers connect it correctly.

Hope that explains some of the reasoning behind it.

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