Powering an External Driver

Machine: Preenex k40 type

Board: Cohesion3D Laser Board

Firmware: “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: Can I power the external stepper driver my hooking up the Gnd and VCC to the DC +v In and -V out? I understand they are directly died to the Brick Pwr. Supply (DC Jack)

This is going to be powering a Z axis stepper (2.1A / phase). This is not a very heavy setup but I am building it to lift a rotary or what ever project I have at the moment. Planning on starting low with the amperage on the driver, only going high enough to make it move consistently. The rest of the laser is “Stock”.

No, the driver should be hooked up to a separate 24v power supply.

The power brick that comes with the LaserBoard is 24v4a, and specifically rated to drive the board, brain logic, the 4 drivers built into it, some very small accessories like the GLCD Screen and a small pc fan or relay for air assist, and that’s it.

It is also not safe to try to power any other high power loads from the LaserBoard, as that would involve running high currents through the board. Bad things can happen. Just power the driver directly from a separate 24v psu.

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