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I just got my cohesion3d board, all was connected well, my question is, when using lightburn do i adjust to power on my actual laser machine or do i use the power/speed on lightburn, is so where should my power be on the actual laser machine.

Hi Wilson,

The power can be controlled from the laser, as well as from LightBurn speed and power settings.

Depending on your machine setup, the power is adjusted on the control panel using a potentiometer or digital keys. If you provide more information about your specific K40, we can give more details. Here is a recent post that you may find helpful regarding setting power on the laser:

This article explains how to adjust and test your PWM levels for the machine:

Do some practice runs to determine what combinations perform best on your machine, such as a ramp test to determine your focal point for cutting or engraving, and a power scale test to determine what settings give you the best engraving output.

Starla, I have the same question of Wilson Rivera, I have the Chinese K40 with potentiometer with Cohesion3D board and LightBurn, where I control the power thru the potentiometer or thru LightBurn.

Set your pot to the max mA that you want to ever use. Then after that, just use LightBurn to control the power. The pot acts as a limiter to prevent overdriving the tube.

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ok, so if i put the power on my laser machine ex:(20% power, does that means that on lighburn what ever power i choose, would that be the % of the power on the laser. ex:( lightburn 50% power, would that be 50% of the actual power set on the machine?

Yes that is correct. Set the pot to the max mA you would ever want, then LightBurn controls a percentage of that max setting.

thanks for all your help

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