Power supply problem


I’m having a problem with the supplied board - I don’t know what it is, but when I turn on practically anything in the socket by the laser, the board reboots. It stops the distributed job. The socket and cable is fine - I tried that first - I also tried pulling the cable out of another socket - still the same behaviour. Restarts communication via USB and the laser stops.
The problem is that I need to start the compressor to pressurize the air vessel, the restart is also caused by the 50W exhaust fan. This is a pretty big problem for me and I honestly don’t know how to solve it. Can you please give me some advice ?
Before the replacement, this was not happening on the original board and communication was going smoothly. The secondary LED laser also communicates correctly no matter how much I load the mains - I suspect the problem is in the Cohesion board or the power supply of this board (I have the original one from you of course).
The laser reboots even if I don’t send Gcode to it - just turn something nearby on - it really looks like an unstable power supply to the board.

I had a similar problem, laser randomly resetting in the middle of a job. I tried ferrite beads and filters on the mains, made no difference, but feeding the USB via a USB hub to the computer fixed it, not had a reset for months now. No idea why it works, but it does!

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