Power board configuration

Machine: _ Hauser
50w 4060 co2 laser engraving machine 220v/100v laser cutter machine laser CNC,High configuration laser engraver
Board: _M2Nano

Firmware: _Corel Draw 2007 “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: _From looking on your webpage I can’t find the power supply that has come with my machine. I need to know how to configure my wiring to from the power board to the control panel and the new cohesion3d board I have on order.

At the moment my control panel is X/Y/Z axis I have a DC motor not a stepper motor for my Z axis. Is it easy to change out a DC motor for a stepper motor.

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Hi Troy,

Welcome to the forum! Thank you for the photos. Can you also provide some pictures of your current M2Nano board, so we can see all of the connections going to it as well? Also, pictures of your machine, control panel, and work area would be helpful.

Yep sure.
first pic is the M2
second pic my machine
third pic my machine
Fourth and fifth my work area and my motor.

Thanks for providing the images, Troy. You have a few new combinations!

This is an interesting setup, having X and Y connectors, as well as the ribbon cable. We have an idea of the path to direct you to, but need a bit more information. Can you trace each of these connections from your board and provide pictures, as well as a description of what they are leading to, please?

For a pre-installed Z-table, if the existing buttons control the table motor, you would continue to use that to operate the table.

However, if you’re feeling adventurous, it is possible to swap in a large stepper motor with external driver and limit switches to run it from the C3D board. For more information, view our Setting Up a Z-Table doc, along with the included link for external stepper drivers: https://cohesion3d.com/knowledgebase/laserboard-setting-up-a-z-table/

We also recommend reading our Buyer’s Guide to understand what you will need:

Good morning.
So the picture first pic is where the Y, ribbon cable and y limit is. lead to.

The second is where the x cable and the x limit switch leads to!

Third pic is where the control console wiring is.

As Starla noted, this is a " unique" wiring configuration - China definitely likes to keep us on our toes.

There is only 1 Y motor, correct?

The ribbon cable plugs into the stock board, according to your previous pics.

Or does it go to that little adapter board in your 2nd pic in the last reply? Is that little green board on the motion end, or at the board end?

If you review our installation guide, you may understand how we typically see one or the other of these wiring scenarios, not both. So please try to explain exactly where everything is with words so that the pics might make more sense.

Yes only 1 Y motor. I have also noticed that my Y and X wiring is reversed in the clips. Is this of any concern. I will play around with it. I normally work it out after much cussing.


Hi Troy,

Following up to see if you got it worked out or if you still have any questions. I would like to document this for future reference for others that may come back with the same setup.

I have it powered up fin but the Y axis is not working and the laser is not firing.

So what is the prognosis here. I am getting sick and tired of forking out exuberant amounts of money for apparent good quality hardware that has not worked. So far this is the second board i have tried. Mini Gerbil died a horrible IT death because it decided to resist

Please provide clear pictures of your current wiring to the LaserBoard and LPSU so we can see where all of the wires are connected. Also, new pics of the X & Y ribbon cable / white connectors at both ends to see the current state.

Does the laser fire when pressing the red test button on the LPSU?

Will have to be in the morning Australian Time. So Stand By. But I can confirm that there is pulse to the laser and it does fire when I test it. There is also power to the control panel.

The first picture is of the Laser Power Unit.

ThThe second picture is of the C3D with Y and X hooked up.

The 3rd is where Y hooks up to. Stepper motor for Y.

The 4th and 5th is where X goes to and then where the X hooks into X stepper motor.

It also shows where the X stopper cable is.

The 6th is where the ribbon cable is and the 7th is where it leads to.

Hi Troy,

Thanks for the photos. We are reviewing some things and will get back with you as soon as possible.

Starla and I have been over your pics and can’t clearly trace each wire.

In short, you need to start at each motor and trace where it goes along each step of the way. The X motor should end up at the X port of the LaserBoard, and the Y motor should end up at the Y port.

Please walk us through each step so that we can follow along, or simple let us know the results of your findings. A video walk through might also be an option, if you wanted to record and upload to YouTube.

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I have the Ys and X"s all in the right area. The the console is all good. I’m just going to play around with the software ect

Ok I am really starting to lose my cool now with this. It takes me a lot to get angry and I’m just about at tipping point. So I am going to send you pictures of what my console looks like and maybe we can work it out from there before I reach that mark where my temper will be very hard to come back from. Also I want to know where I put $20-1…is it in the firmware or on the console tab of lightburn.
The last picture is of my current t config. Is this wrong?

Hi Troy,

We’ll work through this together.

Please explain what actions you are taking when you receive these errors. The $ commands are used for the GRBL firmware. We recommend sticking to Smoothieware. It looks like your limit switches are getting triggered.

Let’s start here, since you have a larger work area - for the configuration changes to dial in the physics for your machine size, review our Larger Laser Machine Installation Guide. Power down the machine and remove the SD card and make sure it’s off when you reinsert it.

Once you make the updates, please provide a copy of your entire configuration file for review. Copy and paste it in a reply with 3 backticks ``` above and below the content or paste the contents to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Pastebin and provide the link here. I’ll take a look.

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Howdy, I have read the set up of bigger lasers. I have the 4 and 6 pins LPSU. Meaning my (G) ground is 4 connections up from the bottom and (L) Laser switch is two from the bottom. My question is. on the Cohesion Laserboard, what pins are the Laser GND and the Laser. Which of the four. Considering I am reading the instructions right.

For reference, I added your power supply to the LPSU Guide. For your setup, you would plug in the large white connector to the white Laser Power Connector on the LaserBoard.

C3DLB_PowerConnector\ 305x210