Pot and amp meter wiring

(Randy) #1

Machine: Ten-High 40W, M2nano board

Board: Cohesion3d Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie
Problem/ Question: I’d just appreciate a bit more detailed help to install a pot and amp meter. At this point I have the standard digital display to control the laser power. I’ve searched the forum but can’t find the answer. Is there an actual wiring diagram available? L is the laser voltage. Do I just wire the pot and meter in line with that?


A potentiometer would get wired in to the laser power supply’s Gnd, IN, and 5v ports.

An mA meter gets wired between the return wire from the laser tube and ground from the laser power supply. It has nothing to do with the L wire between the board and laser power supply.

Other laser groups like those on Facebook or perhaps other members of this community would have more information for you on this bit and would be able to help more.

(Randy) #3

Thank you. I’ll check into that.