Picture engraving not completing

Hi, after much checking and cross checking I finally got the K40 to home and origin correctly and run smoothly. I have had to replace one mirror to correct a double line issue, now I have only one issue left. When I try to engrave/etch an image the scans would stop short of finishing and return to home. The 1st time it maybe completed 25% of the image. I turned the Laser off and on and reset LightBurn and tried again, this time it stopped at maybe 80% before homing. I did not try a 3rd time to see if it would start and finish the engraving, i did not want to do any possible damage more than the current issue.
Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, I am using a Cohesion 3D Mini


Hi, I am still working on setting up a good grounding for the machine, I think I solved some of the issue with it stopping during the engraving, I checked my water and water pump, cleaned them and it seem to work. I am now back to the original issue I had many moons ago. Sometimes during the engraving the field in which the laser head scans jags either left or right thus offsetting the picture. I had already changed the belt and I am starting to make tiny adjustments in the tension, but a quick question will a looser belt tension cause or increase the jag effect?

Hello all, I need some help. When I try to run an engraving project, the machine stops anywhere between 20% and 60% and either just freezes or returns to home. When I check the console tab it shows streaming either completed or stopped at a certain number. Sometimes after resetting both LightBurn and the machine it will finish the project, however it will start from the beginning and re-burn what has already been burned before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Attached is a picture showing the various points of stopping and starting., There is a very white spot just above the picture, that is the 1st try at text, then the text at the top was the 2nd try: