Performance compared to Arduino

I’m currently burning very high resolution images, it it takes as long as 3 days sometimes. I was wondering how much better performance I’ll get using the cohesion controller on the diode lasers.

I think it depends a lot on what’s actually limiting the speed. If your job is slow because it’s commanded to be slow to allow the diode sufficient time to ablate the material below it, then the laserboard won’t help much. I’ve successfully used AVR machines at decently high rates of speed. However, if something else is limiting the speed - like the rate at which the gcodes are processed by the microcontroller and turned into motion, then yes, the laserboard should help out quite a bit.

That said, the LPC1769 on the laserboard is a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 clocked at 100 MHz (or is it 120? I forget) vs. the 8 bit AVR clocked at 16 MHz. So in terms of raw compute power, yeah, the laserboard’s going to blow it out of the water.

Can you post a video of your machine being slow? 3 days seems like an awfully long time to keep a project going

It’s defiantly because of gcodes slowing it down. I’m burning a high dpi image dot by dot. I can send a video if you still want it - but I know that’s what it is. So, then I’m excited to get this controller - should speed up exponentially. And yes, 3 days is very long - but that’s the extreme example. A 12x12 burn of a 460dpi image. Most are smaller, and don’t encompass the entire size.
Thank you for your reply, can’t wait to start working on my new machine.

Loather’s response is fairly comprehensive.

The simpler answer is that diode lasers are slow. CO2 lasers, which is the primary machine type we control, are substantially faster.

The board can control diode lasers and it has been done before, so you should first search the forum to find those topics and look at how they did it, then look at your own diode’s wiring situation and make a plan accordingly. You can also provide us pictures to confirm your plans.

I have a pretty nice 40W CO2 laser, and it’s awesome for the things it’s good at. But the artwork I’m doing doesn’t work out for it. It doesn’t have the contrast - probably because of the wavelength. I’ve purpose built 2 lasers for my art so far, and will build a 3rd. Looking at getting the optlasers very small spot laser for it - but since I’ll be increasing my dpi, I think I should increase the speed as well.

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