Origin Positioning not as expected

After installing the cohesion3D board, LightBurn v0.9.09 and adding my device connecting with Smoothie, within LightBurn I set my working area to 600mm x 400mm which it is and after then homing clicked “Go to origin” which I then expected it to go to the front left side of my work area, however it seemed to stop half way down as if it isn’t respecting the full 400mm work dimension specified.

The arrow in the image indicates where I would have expected it to be. Any idea might might have happened? I’m uncertain as to where else this might be set or what I had done incorrectly.

Make sure your cut area matches in your config.txt file on the as card

See new topic “setting up the correct bed size”. I tried quoting it but did not figure out how and it ended up showing as a new topic

Here you go.

Cliff, I understand your comment about the y axis but I am having the same issue with x. Do you know if there is a way to push the x axis origin to the right? I would think by adjusting the bed size that you would lose work area symmetrically on both side and/or top and bottom for y.

Is there an offset for the home position that can be set somewhere? That would be the preferred method

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