Origin issue

Machine: K40 w/M2 Nano

Board: cohesion3d

Firmware: New Smoothie I think since I just got the board 1 week ago

Problem/ Question:using lightburn software when I press the home button everything goes fine but when I press the origin button it goes down to the bottom left but it doesnt stop right away it keeps going for a second and you get a loud grinding sound. Any ideas why and how to fix it. I have set my bed size in software and in the config file for the board to match but I dont think that would cause the problem anyway since origin is 0,0.

video showing my issue: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rpl3yvj76c6qcac/IMG_0900.MOV?dl=0

did you hit the “set origin” button first? I use center of material, but that’s a setting you can change to your liking. Then, when you hit the go to origin it will go to where you set it.

no I didnt. Im using exact coordinates and I just assumed that since the actual origin is 0,0 I wouldnt need to set my own.

move the laser head to where you want the origin. Hit the “set origin” button. That then becomes your origin, not your home, until you hit the “set origin” button again.


Thanks that fixed it

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