Order info? I made a mistake

(Gregory H Muller) #1

I sent an email in reply to my order, which requested that I use this forum for my order inquiry.
I placed an order a few days ago, for the Cohesion3d controller, a graphic LCD panel, and by mistake, a power supply for a mini board. I meant to order the adapter instead. The order number was 15728.
I received an email from Cohesion asking if the order for the power supply was in error, and I replied that it was an error, and requested they replace that with the adapter. I don’t need a refund of the $30 price difference, so I asked that they just add something useful to the order.
I didn’t get a reply to my email, but a few hours later I received an order confirmation and shipping info that showed I was still getting the mini power supply, and not the adapter.
I then replied to that notification asking for details and if my request was granted, but the reply I got from Cohesion was the request that I direct my inquiry here.
So, here’s my inquiry. I know the problem was my own fault, so I’m not complaining at all. I just want to know if I need to place another order for that adapter.
Thanks for catching my error and for any direction you can give me. I am really looking forward to using the Cohesion3d controller after all the positive reviews I’ve seen regarding it.

Also, my order doesn’t appear under my account info when I log in. Is that correctable?

Thanks again,

(Gregory H Muller) #2

I just got a reply to my last email inquiry.

Seems they took excellent care of me. Fixed my order and then some. I’d heard great things about Cohesion. They lived up to the hype.
5 stars from me.

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