Optical End stops

Machine: _ New K40

Board: _Cohesion 3d
Firmware: _ “I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with”

Problem/ Question: _ I have finally received my K40 after many delays (bigger than I expected, need to upgrade my bench to give me space to align the mirrors, it seem to be miles out!) a quick test using K40 whisperer shows the machine is working, laser head moves and tube fires. I intend to strip out all the mains electrics and fit them properly, replace the nanol board with the Cohesion board so I can use Lightburn and then cut myself a nice control panel.
My question is this, the machine has optical end stops not microswitches, do I need to make any changes when installing the Cohesion board or will it “just work”?

thanks in advance,

The recommendation is to follow the install guide exactly until such a point that you cannot due to a difference, then to post here with clear pictures so we can have a look.

all working fine now, cohesion board working perfectly with Lightburn, I just need to tweek the mirrors a little and then I will be making smoke!

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