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Machine: Orion Tech K40

Board: Cohesion3d (nonribbon)

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: Installing new Cohesion3d board, PC doesn’t recognize the laser now

Installation went normal. I had all solid green lights. Replaced firmware on MicroSD, now lights are reading correct operation by PC still won’t recognize the laser. New USB cable, PC has had no issues with USB before. It was working perfect (with the old M2 board), we moved it 2 feet and the PC wouldn’t recognize the laser. I figured the USB controller got FUBAR’d somehow and since we were going to upgrade anyway, we replaced it. Now I have no connectivity.

Orion Tech K40

Hi Mary,

Welcome to the forum! I have upgraded your trust level so that you can now upload pictures.

What version OS are you using? Check to see if you need to update the drivers.

Are you trying to use “Find My Laser” or “Create Manually” during the setup process? Adding Your Laser


If you are still having issues, please provide pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring. Also, can you provide screenshots (no cell phone pics, please) of the entire LightBurn window and the Device Setup for your machine?

OS W10 and system drivers are up to date
I am using “Find My Laser”. It doesn’t find anything.
When I add manually, I get a waiting screen.
It won’t let me upload pics

Thanks, Richard. I have upgraded your trust level so that you can now upload pictures.

Probably not helpful but this is all I am getting

Wiring pics

Thanks for the photos, Richard. It does help because I can see what is happening when you attempt to connect.

On the board, it appears your LED status lights only have the VMOT light lit up. Is this correct?

To determine if the SD card is or is not being read, unplug everything and with no memory card, plug in the LaserBoard power supply and turn the power on. Wait 30-60 seconds. Which LED sequence are you getting? For reference: https://cohesion3d.com/knowledgebase/cohesion3d-board-indicator-status-leds/

Power down again and insert the memory card into the slot and plug in the USB. Wait 30-60 seconds. Which LED sequence are you getting?

If the lights indicate an issue with the firmware or memory card, power down, disconnect the board and remove the SD card, insert it into a computer, and make sure the card is readable and has FIRMWARE.CUR and config.txt on it. You may need to reflash the card, which is covered at the bottom of the link above.

Please report back with the results.

It’s not obvious in the pic but all the lights are correct according to the LED guide on the cohesion website. VMOT is red, L1, L4, 3v3 are solid, L2, L3 are blinking. I reflashed the card already too.

You mentioned you moved it 2 feet. Is there anything nearby that could be causing electrical interference with the USB cable? Is the USB cable you’re using a high quality shielded type? How long is it?

If anything I moved the unit away from any kind of interference. I’ve tried 3 other USB cables. The current cable is the one shipped with the Cohesion board.

Do you have or can you get a powered USB hub to connect to your computer and plug the laser into? This helped me in the past when I was having connection issues. Just make sure it is USB 2.0 compatible.

So… I feel kind of stupid. I found the problem. I had to use a USB extender to reach the computer. Turns out is bad. I eliminated the extender and BOOM Bobs your uncle!! Thank you for the assistance though. I learned a lot through the process.


I’m glad it was something easy to fix!

Ha - I’ve never heard that one before.

You’re welcome… sometimes just talking through things makes us think of other things to look for.

Happy fire trails!

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