OG C3D Mini - Should I update firmware from 2017?

Machine: K40

Board: C3D Mini

Firmware: Smoothie 049aff91-C3D-4Axis Aug 12, 2017

Problem/ Question: Trying to determine if I should update my firmware. My machine has been dormant for some time and I’m getting everything tuned up again for action. I’m running a 4-axis smoothie firmware from 2017 and wondering if there is any benefit to upgrading or if I should just leave well enough alone and run it the way it is since it works fine.

I’m running one of the first boards Ray I believe hand built so it may not be a perfect match to the production mini and not sure if there is any meaningful difference.

If the machine is working well for you, you’re not experiencing any issues, and you don’t mind slower raster speeds, I wouldn’t change anything.

If you do want faster raster engraving, then yes, updating to the cluster firmware will speed things up pretty considerably.

Check out this post in the Announcements section:

This firmware will also work on C3D Mini boards (even Ray’s hand-built ones :))

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