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I purchased the GLCD so that I could utilize the SD Card port for offline operation. I understand that I cannot load Lightburn files directly but can I load gcode files and run them from the GLCD?

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Yes, you will want to save gCode files from LightBurn, load them on the SD Card that goes into the board (do not put a memory card into the screen), reset the board/ power it back on, and use the Menus in the screen to Play the job you want.

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what is the purpose of the LCD SD Card slot if it can’t be used to load gcode files on it?


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The lcd screen used is an open source screen used for 3d printers, that’s why it’s there, it’s not a screen specifically made for the C3d board. It’s been around longer than the c3d board. But I agree, it’s quite a hassle to require an sd extender and have to reset the board every single time you want to load more files.

While for other applications the SD slot in the screen can be used as you describe, in our application running those signals over wires in a potentially electrically noisy environment was unreliable. So, we disconnected it in the GLCD Adapter/ Board interface and use the more reliable SD Slot directly on the board itself.

You don’t necessarily need an SD extender, the LaserBoard is designed such that the SD Card is presenting upwards when mounted in a K40, so you would simply be able to pop the electronics door open and reach in to remove/ insert the SD card.

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Thank you for your responses.

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