Not sure my wiring is correct

Machine: K40 Ribbon style

Board: Laserboard

Firmware: I think I downloaded Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I followed the installation pictures and I found that the colors of my wires were not in the same order on the connector as in the install pics on your site

Also, Light burn won’t find my laser in setup

I uncliped my wires from the connectors and made them match yours in the installation pics. It did not help and Lightburn still does not see my laser to set it up

ok, i got Light burn to find the Smoothieware Gcode.

It was a USB issue…but I am still unsure about the color order in the connectors. I left them to the way yours are lined up in the installation pics for now. Waiting for a reply

ok, went to align my lasers. The laser fired once …now the laser is not firing and the lcd screen I bought from you now looks like this in the picture

Ok, I am all stop until I hear back from support. The LCD screen is scrambled like in the picture. Here is the wiring as it is now, sending pics.

I wired it to look like the install pics.

Hi Alan,

Let me try to recap all your posts.

Your LaserBoard came with Smoothie Cluster installed, so you should not have needed to download anything. Are you using the firmware that shipped on the card, or have you replaced it?

Wire color is often not consistent between different lasers. What’s important is to match up the connections properly, regardless of the color.

Did you manage to get your laser set up in LightBurn? Can you jog the laser head around?

How did you fire the laser? Did you run a job in LightBurn? Did you use commands in the console?

Finally, for the GLCD, check the installation instructions. It looks like you have one of the cables flipped around the wrong way.

If you can answer each question I’ve asked above, we can try to get things sorted for you.