Not connected in LB

Machine: K40

Board: _replaced the M2 with C3D

Firmware: _ I’m using the SD card that it came with"

Problem/ Question: _I installed the C3D board, with power connector 4 pin, small 4 pin and one flat cable. The two red light up, the no1 and 4 green led are solid, and 2 and 3 blinking. I use lightburn already for a neje diode. I installed new device on the right com port, smootieware. Lightburn says no connection. “waiting for connection” on the console The head was homing when I had the M2. Help please

Does the laser home when you power on the board?

The head does not home when I power up the laser, but I think I read it is normal.

So I am starting to regret this c3d board that I pay lot of money for. Does not work. Only suggestion/question when I got on this forum is does it home…which I think it is not supposed to….I might shove this piece of…xxxxx

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