No Y axis K40

Machine: K40. Originally had M3 Nano. Now using lightburn

Board: The newest laser board.

Firmware: GRBL-LPC?

Problem/ Question: The unit has been working fine for the couple of month’s I’ve had it installed. I also have a rotary installed using the “A” axis. I leave it plugged in all the time and it’s left under the unit when not in use. I switch on the rotary by using the lightburn software.

I just engraved 2 glasses. First use of the laser today. I noticed the ease that the carriage moved in the y axis while setting the glass in place. Now I have switched off the rotary and there is no y axis movement. No homing front to back. Only movement left to right.
The rotary “button” is now off and I even hid it from the main page. I’m pretty sure the board is not putting out a signal to the stepper since there is no resistance to carriage movement.

What do I check next?

I’d start by issuing a G0 Y10 F600 command via the LightBurn console to see if that moves the Y axis.

You should verify your wiring to make sure it is all intact and well plugged in (and please share pictures of that here with us).

Is the SD Card in the board? If you put that card in a computer, do you see a firmware and config file on the card?

Ok. Short answer is: I got it going.

I tried using that command but nothing happened. Re-booted computer and tried again. Nothing. I rechecked all connections. Decided to re-install the M3 Nano board. When I turned unit on with original board, the unit homed. I then uninstalled lightburn, then re-installed it and the cohesion board. It works now. My guess is a glitch in the lightburn software but who knows.

Thanks for your time!

Loose wire, more likely. But you jiggled the handle and it worked. Glad to hear it.

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