No shipping options to Australia

Hello. I have been trying to order the laserboard shipped to Australia for many weeks, however the website keeps telling me there are no shipping options to Australia, hence I can not complete the checkout process.

I mailed support but I dont think my email was read properly or understood, as I was told to just add my items to the cart to view the shipping options.

I have mailed support again two more times to explain the issue, with no response.

If I try just about any other country I can see shipping options appear, but not to Australia. I have tried this from multiple devices and browsers.

Please help, I wanted to order this so many weeks ago and was hoping to be up and running by now, but it feels like Im being ignored.

Kind regards,

@Cohesion3D I think you’re gonna have to chime in here - i tried a couple well-known .au addresses and see the same thing.

Please, can you fix this or contact me to order and pay another way.

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