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Attempted to purchase board. Same as several other people, the website said there was no shipping available. Any fixes for this problem?

I have been made aware of this problem. I will have to take a look at our webstore and see whether a simple settings change fixes it or what is broken. It’s weird because we have gotten international orders in as recently as yesterday without issue, but these reports go back 2 days…

I’m exhausted. It’ll be a bit. Worst case we manually create orders for all of you if I don’t have it solved after the weekend.

Hopefully your weekend was peaceful and rejuvenating. Any updates at this time or am I asking too early?

Hello I am trying to order a board. It say shipping not available. I’m in the United States so I would assume this wouldn’t be an issue. Help!

Hi, I’m having the same issue. It says no shipping options available. I’m located in Michigan.

I too have been trying for several days. It would be helpful if there was a number to call and order what I want over the phone.

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Hello, I’m having the same issue in the US. Just bought a K40 and I’d like to order some upgrades from you. Thanks, Dennis!

Hi all,

I found a workaround.
The shipment issues could be because some items are missing shipping weight / dimensions.

I added the 6’ USB cable to my order, and the shipping now resolved.
As it happens, i actually did need a proper cable, but in other cases, it’s a $10 premium to place the order. But use as you wish.

This is true. If I either drop the cable management or add the usb cable it works. Weird that I can ship it to my in-laws without any changes but for me it won’t ship. Guess I’ll be paying the usb tax. Lol :joy:

I am thinking that Ray must have fixed it or Square fixed it on their end because I tried this very workaround 24-36 hours ago and it did not work. This time it did work for me as well though.

Hi everyone,

I was down hard with a nasty cold this whole week so I wasn’t able to deal with the web store figuring-the-problem-out as originally planned. What I do know is that the problem went from “some international countries can’t place orders” to “no international countries can” to “no one can”, and that’s how it was for most of this week, until I started seeing a few orders come in at some point in time yesterday and today.

I haven’t made any changes yet, but I’m starting to look at everything now.

The other important bit here is that we are currently out of LaserBoards and are waiting until what I hope is early next week for our next batch to arrive (but shipping is a cluster**** right now so please don’t hold me to that). So we have a few days to get this figured out and fixed properly.

(And FYI shipping is a different person and location from where I’m at, so we’re being as safe as we can, as far as any concerns regarding illness/ transmission go)

More technical stuff below:

I’m not sure if something happened with the USPS API that concerns being able to fetch rates and then it got fixed. Once I replicate the current issues I will update the USPS plugin that we use to fetch the rates.

Peter, Dennis, and Jared - thanks so much for these details that give me something to dig into.

@ploenberg the thing you emailed about the product dimensions in Woocommerce, I’m quite particular about that because I know it can break things if I don’t have the dimensions in. So if it’s something small or irregular like a connector pack, USB Cable, or the LaserBoard, I have the dimensions set as 1x1x1 since all we care about is the total weight at that point. Now I don’t know if the USPS API magically stopped liking having a box that small, and adding in one additional product made it just big enough… that’s the closest running theory.

More to come, thanks for everyone’s patience.

Thanks! Hope you feel better.

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Finally feeling better (knocks on lasered wood repeatedly), and after some delays our shipment finally arrived yesterday. We have now sorted through it and put everything back in stock!

I also poked at shipping stuff earlier this week, and I think that the “USPS API changed for a week” theory has some merit. I wasn’t able to reproduce any failures. I think everything is working again, and if not, we’ll find out pretty quickly and I’ll get tracing.

Thanks for everyone’s patience.

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