No power on default control panel - power to laser not showing - will not do a test burn from control panel

Machine: Omtech K40

Board: cohesion 3D

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question:
I purchased my Omtech K40 last year at Thanksgiving from eBay. It has been fun modifying it and setting it up over the winter and spring. However, I did have a minor issue with the red dot diode. One of the pins did come out from the power connector, and I figured it was no big deal to connect a new one. Unfortunately, when doing it, I (briefly) accidentally touched the positive 24v output pin. I quickly corrected this and connected it to the 5v out out pin, and my red dot diode runs perfectly.

After connecting the red dot diode to the 24v pin, there was an order of burnt circuit board, and the control board will not turn on. As a result, I think I blew my power supply.

I replaced the power supply, but the issue remains. Is this a Cohesion or a laser issue?

it’s hard to say what happend, but what is the problem exactly?

Does your power supply have a water protect function, and is it properly wired?

Does the laserboard turn on and all the right led’s turn on?

If you push the test fire button on the power supply does it respond?

Thanks for your response.

It all seems ok, the water protection function has a jumper installed. The test button does not fire the laser. No lights come on on the control panel.

Lightburn is working with all the proper movement, just no laser.

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