No movement on laser and no feedback from troubleshooting commands

Machine: DIY Laser 960mm x 450

Board: _Cohesion 3D

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I’m working on finishing my DIY laser and after taking a long break on building it, I connected everything back up and now I get no movement at all. Prior to the pause on building I was able to move the stepper motors and all endstops worked as supposed to giving feedback to the M119 command. Now, I get no movement at all nor any feedback from the M119 and or M114 commands. When turned on the Steppers do lock. I am using the C3D board and the latest version of macOS Catalina on a MBP and I also downloaded the latest firmware and config files. I only edited the bed size parameters.

Did you provide those pictures? We need pictures to understand your setup!

Hi Luis,

Please provide clear pictures of your machine, control panel, board, other electrical components, and wiring. We need to see how and where everything is connected.

Are the motors locking as soon as you power up? This is usually an indication that the SD card is not inserted or not being read properly.

When powering on, review the lights on the board and make note of the LED Sequence. Do the LED status lights indicate “Normal Operation” mode?

Startla, my machine is not complete yet and I am doing the test movements directly from Lightburn. Yes, the motors are locking up as soon as powering up. The LED Status does shows normal operation. The blue stepper driver is for the Z axis.


I was looking over your wiring and noticed you marked your latest response as a solution. Did you isolate the issue? If so, please share what you did to fix it or let me know if you still need assistance.


It turned out to be a couple of things. As I always though the connections were all good but, the SD card go corrupted corrupted. Also, one other change from 6 months ago is the computer I was using. Now I am using my old MBP from 2009 and I am thinking I need a powered USB hub because when I connect the set up to my tower everything runs as supposed to. I may need assistance later so I’ll make sure I’ll visit again.

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