No movement of laser head

Machine: _k40 Digital
Board: replace this text with what board you have

Firmware: _Smoothie or GRBL-LPC? Smoothie

Problem/ Question: hello i have k40 digital display with c3d laserboard running windows 10 and lightburn.

the problem im having is i cant move the laser head at all it wont even home on start up.

Lightburn recognizes the laser when i press home button the console says OK and nothing happens.

I have all the correct LEDS lighting up and flashing i have checked the wiring diagrams repeatedly but for whatever reason the head just wont move.

when i first turn the laser on you hear the power go to the stepper motor to lock it and thats it.

I have disconnected the board and hooked up the M2 nano board and the laser immediately homes on startup so i know i’m hooking the wires up correctly.

I’m at a loss on what i can do and am pulling whats left of my hair out Please help!!!


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