No fire hellp

Machine: k40

Board: C3D

Firmware: GRBL

Problem/ Question: Hi all,
I need some help.
I have k40 laser and i put Cohesion3D Controller. But not fire move is ok but when i pres the play on curtin is only move but not cutting. If i trying gravering is freeze. I don’t know this problem with LightBurn some code missing or with controller, please help!!!

Can you walk us through what you’ve tried already so we don’t cover the same ground again?

Also a note of lightburn and cohesion3d settings.

Have you rewired anything or was it a straight swap for installation of the C3D board?

Do you have safety switches on the lid or for water flow through the tube?

I just yesterday put c3d board.
When i pres test is ok fite liking.
Bifor i used LightBurn on a diod Lasser.
Wire is ok.
I think is need more code for LightBurn.

I can assure you both Lightburn and the Laser Board firmware have all the code they need to work together. Chris is trying to help you. Help him to help you by answering his questions.

Hi i answer the question all good. LightBurn helps faster jus why i deleted messages.

This has been resolved on the LightBurn support forum where he posted as well. The issue was he was using a Grbl profile, when in fact he needed to use the Smoothieware profile.

Yes :smile: its my mistake. But steel need help vith speed and power controlling

What do you need help with?

With codes, for example if i do Cople think to cut afer tirst one is jumt to seconds cut not moving jump.
When gravering i think speed is same no meter i do 1000 or 100 is same speed.
When cutting is a strange speed 10 otherwise is not cut true but is plywood after cutting is brown.

Sorry, it is very difficult to understand you…

Can you please provide screenshots of LightBurn, pictures, and videos to help show what you are talking about?

I cant put video

If you upload to a video site like YouTube etc then put a link here that should work. :slight_smile:

Ok first one problem vith speed when i gravering is no meter 1000 or i put 100 is same no change. Video i try put when i back home after 9h.

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