New Smoothie cluster Firmware

Machine: _K40 red and white
Board: _Cohesion 3d mini

Firmware: _Smoothie New version Cluster

Problem/ Question: _When I stop a job before it finishes, I have to unplug the usb to reset it. The computer will not connect back until It has been unplugged. I didn’t have this problem with the old version. I also use Lightburn 9.07.

Can a job be run from the sd card with the new firmware?

Ok, that’s not a behavior I’m familiar with on the new firmware.

Please provide more details about your setup, pictures of the board, machine, wiring, etc… and I will take a look.

Yes, you can save gCode files from LightBurn, put them on the memory card in the board, and run it using the Play menu on the GLCD screen.

My setup is a red and white analog k40. I have installed the cohesion 3D mini with external power supply. I am running Lightburn 9.07 and the latest firmware for the mini to support the rotary. It works fine off the Y axis. I don’t have the driver for the A axis yet. Here are the pics you asked for.

Is there anything else I can provide to help aid in the diagnosis of my problem? Thanks for your help.

I can’t tell from your pic if you cut the 24v wire from the laser power plug when you installed the new power supply. I see some gray caps, so hopefully yes?

Is the separate power brick plugged into a separate wall outlet, not

It also looks like you are using an SD extender. I would recommend removing that for this process.

You may want to place known good config files on the memory card.

It would be the config file from the batch 3 folder here:

and the cluster firmware file from here:

The cluster firmware is 4 axis so you will be able to use a rotary with it.

These are just some tips for general reliability that we are using as a starting point and a clean slate to work from, so to speak.

Yes I did cut the power from the laser power plug. I have a wire nut on it just in case I want to hook it back up. The power supply from the board is plugged in the same power strip as the rest of the other stuff. I don’t have a separate outlet to plug it in. I have the drivers for the z and a axis plugged in now and kind of working. I did not have this problem before I started using the new firmware. I was using grbl-lpc and it worked fine. I have a rotary now.

I put a fresh copy of the firmware on the sd card and everything work perfect.Thanks again Ray


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