New setup on a K40. Inverted Y axis

K40 4050 with Cohesion3D board (was working fine with my m2 nano)
Home is upper left. Endstops are upper left as well.

So I connected the board. Flat ribbon version.

Edit Found a post saying the home has to be lower left. Fine.
I removed my changes to the config file.

On startup, the head goes home to the limit switchs on the upper left corner.
But if I then try to go UP (using lightburn), it WILL go up again, hit the limit switch and try to go a bit more up, grinding the Y motor.

“go to origin” is going up, grinding the Y motor again.

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something similar had happened to when it came to the head movement on startup although not exactly as yours but with the same ending result of it bannging the gantry and grinding.

For me on 1 occasion it was because in lightburn I had changed the settings in the “Laser” tab from absolute coords to on of the other settings (current position/user origin) i changed it back to absolute chords unplugged the USB cable and closed lightburn software. After I manually moved the laser head to the home position then I restarted lightburn and plugged back in the USB all was fine.

The 2nd time when my K40 started to act like me after certain interactions with my family and it began banging its laser head into the gantry.

I powered down the k40, disconnected the USB exited the software and unplugged the c3d power brick.

I then reconnected everything in the order as described in the first setup instructions of the c3d board. I think the order was k40 off, usb gets plugged into computer. Then C3d power brick get connectted. Next lightburn software is open up.

  • I may be wrong in the order best to double check the 1st time setup instructions post.*

After that the k40 was back to normal and well behaved much like myself after taking my anxiety medication :laughing:

Best I can determine is that it had something to do with windows 10 and the order of usb connections to interact with certain softwares. But then again I’m no expert nor have I ever been able to replicate the problem.

Hopefully this might help you
Madison Rae

I feel your pain, but for me this is a hobby that doesn’t need to generate money so my anxiety pills box stays closed :slight_smile:

No grinding unless I home and use the arrows to go up.

I’m still at the same point, but at least everything else is working. I’m trying to learn how to operate lightburn now. I’m a Corel Draw 3.0 fan, so I just love inkscape, but LightBurn is quite different. I’ll get through it but for now, I’ll probably draw using inkscape then open the drawing with lightburn. (rectangle with rounded corners is so easy with inkscape!).

Thanks for your comment !

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It’s trivial in LightBurn, too.

From the Window menu, make sure Shape Properties has a checkmark by it. In the right-hand pane, select the Shape Properties box.

Select the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle. Go to the Shape Properties box and enter a value in the “Corner Radius” entry. Viola!

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I’m having the same issue. It will “home” properly but I can try to EXTEND beyond 0,0 and I get GRINDING. no stopping