New K40 gantry using C3D Laserboard: How to connect homing/limit switches

Machine: K40 with C3D Laserboard

Board: C3D Laserboard

Firmware: Smoothie

Problem/ Question: I’ve built a new, larger gantry for my K40 laser cutter and want to add homing/limit switches. I need some guidance on how to wire the limit switches to the Laserboard.

  1. Do I use the NO or NC choice on the switch?
  2. Where do the red and black wires from the limit switch connect to the Laserboard?

Thanks for any guidance provided.

I think I’ve answered my own questions. 1. I used the common and NC posts on the limit switch and connected the two wires (common to ground and NC to signal) on the LaserBoard. When I test it using the homing function on Lightburn, the laserhead moves and is stopped with the X switch, but not the Y switch??? As the laserhead moves to the left, I can press the X switch and the laserhead stops and moves away from that spot just a little. No matter if I press the Y switch first or second, the laserhead does not respond. They’re both wired exactly the same so I don’t understand what’s happening. Do I need to make some kind of change to the config.txt file to get both switches to work? Maybe there’s something else I’m overlooking??? Maybe someone can point me to a solution??? Thanks!

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