New install on a custom size frame (Edit for laser type)

Machine: Custom Frame 35"x24" with Endurance lasers 10w head

Board: Cohesion3D LaserBoard_

Firmware: _Smoothie

Problem/ Question:Ok, I am an idiot but I have been running a separate Cohesion3d board on a k40 for years. I jumped into the deep end with a large custom chassis with a LaserBoard. My issue is that even when I input the dimensions on setup the output burn is much larger than scale. It seems as though it is still going by the k40 dimensions. I have not added pics as this is a software issue.

Any input is appreciated, thanks ahead of time.

The motors in the K40 are typically 0.9° per step and most common motors are 1.8°. If you didn’t re-use the motors from the K40 your steps per mm value for the X and Y axes probably needs to be halved. Give that a shot and see if your results are more what you expect. This would need to be changed in the config.txt on the SD card that is inserted into the laserboard.

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