New Install - No Laser Fire

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SUCCESS!!! Thank you!

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I notice that with the batch 3 firmware installed, I can no longer connect directly to the SD card (removable drive)…which isn’t a big deal.

Based on your comment, I assume there is a different process for the HM V2 rotary?

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Got the rotary working. Found another post that outlined the necessary addition of the A axis to the config file. Below:

# A axis
delta_steps_per_mm 100 # may be steps per degree for example
delta_step_pin 2.3 # Pin for delta stepper step signal
delta_dir_pin 0.22 # Pin for delta stepper direction
delta_en_pin 0.21 # Pin for delta enable
delta_current 1.5 # Z stepper motor current
delta_max_rate 3000.0 # mm/min
delta_acceleration 500.0 # mm/sec2

I’m not clear on the relationship between the “delta_steps_per_mm” and the roller diameter (in the rotary setup), but I was able to futz with the numbers to get an accurate engrave. @Cohesion3D, any info to share on that? Thanks!


You should get the steps per mm value from the manufacturer of the rotary device.

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