New board - no LASER output

Machine: K40 with M2 Nano (Replacing)

Board: Replaced with 3D Cohesion board

Firmware: I have a new board and I’m using whatever it came with

Problem/ Question: Installed new 3D Cohesion board and downloaded/installed LightBurn. I can move the head assembly but the LASER will not fire. The light in the cabinet will not come on (it used to), and the power output display does not come on either (not sure if this is something built into the new board). In any event, new board installed per instructions and it will not fire.

This is a very common inquiry, and the first question I always ask is “how are you trying to test fire the laser?”

The correct way is to send a command via LightBurn console such as G1 X10 S0.6 F600

This should move the head while firing.

If it does not, please tell us what did happen and provide pictures of your board, machine, and wiring.

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