New board installation continued

Video example

I have the machine up and running and have tried for over a month to make a good cut with the new board. When I go to cut, the machine does not honor the cutting perfectly, like my old board does. A simple example is included in the video above.

I tried two different methods. I created a rectangle in Lightburn. When I go to cut it, I make it based on the center position. When it cuts you see it starts high, and then cuts the side correctly, but then over cuts the rectangle.

In another example, I stacked two rectangles, and when I go to cut it they do not line up. It cuts the first rectangle, and then it does not cut the relative second cut correctly. I also have had the laser only cut 90% of the square. The last bit does not connect. What am I missing?

Thank you.

I was told that the laser is accelerating too fast. This was an mle-40 upgrade. What should the config.txt file be?

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